Dough Sheeter has been designed for production of all sorts of pastries, especially for pastry of baklava. 
Operating principle of the machine; chiller system attached to the machine is the first part to be started. Chiller system allows roller to reach a certain coldness by pumping cold water through the rollers. 
The dough prepared is put into the dough feed hopper of the machine. By running the feed unit, the dough is passed through the rollers and reduced to a certain level of thickness. Thinned dough falls into the dough thinning unit and is gotten into a suitable thickness level for the product to be baked (for example: baklava) by being compressed between adjustable rollers. With the scraper blade, the dough on the roller is passed on the conveyor line.  Pastries falling on the conveyor line are starched and floured homogeneously in order for them not to stick each other by passing through starching / flouring unit. Reaching suitable thickness for baklava and starched, baklava is rolled over the dough roller by conveyor line. When the phyllo on the roller reaches to the needed amount, the dough roller is replaced with a new one.  This process continues until the material in the dough feed hopper runs out. 
Our machine processes 70kg dough in 1 hour and produces phyllo.