Beginning its operations in 1999, ALTUNTAŞ MACHINERY, today, manufactures machines that are suitable for wishes and expectations of customers in a closed area of 7000 m².ALTUNTAŞ MACHINERY has always dreamed of and planned the future since its establishment and paid attention to serve by developing strategies suitable for the mentioned purpose.
Manufacturing machines for the industries of bakery products and confectionery, our firm is increasing its success chart day by day with its R&D and design works in order for the food industry to keep pace with the advancing and changing technology.
Our philosophy consisting of innovativeness, customer orientation, ever-growth and being one step ahead of the competition concepts is continuing as a 19-years-old tradition.
Our firm that has embraced the European Manufacturing Standards has earned the righteous trust of customers not only with its manufacture and sales phases but also with its after-sale services.Manufactured with the great care of an expert team whose members are competent at all stages of the production phases, our products have been dedicated at our customers’ service with our after-sale services and continuous technical support. 
With the consciousness that no success is brought by coincidence, ALTUNTAŞ MACHINERY will always 
continue to mark its name with domestic and international successes in the future as in the past, by working to be always the best and widening its product range. 
ALTUNTAŞ MACHINERY aims to be one of the leading companies in the food machinery sector with its continuously developing technology, high performance products and unlimited customer satisfaction.
* To recognize the needs of our stakeholders with customer-focused service approach and to offer quick solutions
* Contributing to the development of industry standards and machine consciousness in the sector and creating awareness
*Ensure maximum benefit from all customer by closely following the determined strategic direction and continuously developing technological developments
*Result oriented
*Customer focused