Company name(Compulsory)
City / Country(Compulsory)
Activity area(Compulsory)
The machine you bought(Compulsory)
Production capacity average (Monthly)(Compulsory)
When did you use our product?(Compulsory)
How much has your work load eased?(Compulsory)
To what extent did you realize what you heard before(Compulsory)
Do you save energy, time, labor, raw materials (flour, water, oil, starch, etc.)?(Compulsory)
Are you satisfied with the installation, assembly, training and after-sales support phases?(Compulsory)
Is the machine enough for you to keep the standard of your products (dough thickness, lezet etc)?(Compulsory)
How do you generally evaluate performance?(Compulsory)
How do you generally evaluate the price?(Compulsory)
How do you evaluate quality in general?(Compulsory)
How do you evaluate service quality in general?(Compulsory)
Customer Service On the phone, Altuntas staff is helpful and sufficient?(Compulsory)
Customer Service When faced with a problem, can Altuntas staff offer the right solutions in a short time?(Compulsory)
Müşteri Hizmetleri - Teslim sürelerimiz sizce memnun edici mi?(Compulsory)
Is the attitude and return of Altuntaş staff about Customer Service Dissatisfaction fast enough and satisfactory?(Compulsory)
Sales and Marketing Evaluate documents related to Altuntaş products? (catalogs, offer and order contents, user manuals, warranty, etc.)(Compulsory)
Sales and Marketing Do you get enough sales support from Altuntaş Sales Managers?(Compulsory)
Sales and Marketing - Is Altuntaş Sales Officer's measurement knowledge sufficient for you?(Compulsory)
Sales & Marketing - Do you find Altuntaş Sales Representative's ability to present satisfactorily?(Compulsory)
Sales and Marketing - Was the training time sufficient?(Compulsory)
Education - Was the training time sufficient?(Compulsory)
Education - Was the person who provided the training enough?(Compulsory)
Training - Altuntaş device trainings are well organized and are you satisfied?(Compulsory)
Product and Service - Do Altuntaş products meet your requirements?(Compulsory)
Product and Service - Evaluate Altuntaş products for ease of use?(Compulsory)
Technical Service - Can you get quick and easy to Altuntaş Technical Service Responsible?(Compulsory)
Technical Service - Is Technical Service quality satisfactory?(Compulsory)
Your suggestions for improving our services we are giving to you(Compulsory)